6 common questions about online casinos

For those who are new to online casinos, you have an exciting world in front of you. Here, at No Deposit Casino UK we compiled the most frequently asked questions regarding online casinos for you, to get a little better understanding of how these types of games work.

What is the online casino?

Playing online casino means that real people can play for real money in the different games in a virtual world. Most casinos offer a selection of games, but the most common are the classics Blackjack, Poker, Slots and Roulette. There are two different types of virtual casinos:

1. Casinos that you download. This means that you download the software on your phone, tablet or computer. Downloadable casinos usually have the best graphics, effects and features and is very accessible.
2. Casinos that have a website. These you can reach anywhere and play it on the web.

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Is it safe to play at online casinos?

It is quite obvious that a casino that does not measure up in terms of security of its customers will not have a bright future. With a bit of research, you can often find out which casinos have worse reputation, but the majority of new casino sites UK is safe to play on. However, you should always take an extra look at how the deposits and payments will be carried out before you sign up and start playing. Moreover, it is always good to read a little bit extra in terms and conditions, so you are aware of the casino’s rules.

If online casino is well known and has good customer reviews like for example Miami Dice, sister site of Casimba, it raises the site’s trustworthiness. A good and helpful customer service is important in the event of problems and issues. You can also look for a valid gaming license and who is the owner of the casino you want to register. A good thing to keep in mind is that the easier it is to find information about the company, usually the safer the new slot site is. If all the information is easily available to customers, casino has probably nothing to hide.

There are also well known software developers that casinos use. Among other you can find established companies like Betsoft, Playtech and Net Entertainment.

Is it legal to play at online casinos?

When it comes to which laws apply when playing at online casinos, bear in mind that thus is different and depends on which country you are currently living in.

For example in Sweden, it is not legal to operate online casinos, although physical casinos in selected cities and those owned by the state are legal. Therefore, most casino companies offering services in Sweden are based in other countries. Some changes in the law do not appear to be concerned, despite the fact that the EU believes that Sweden should legalize gambling business. Why this is now illegal? The government does not want to support real money gambling, which can lead to addiction and indebtedness.

Although no online casinos have their headquarters in Sweden, so there are many Swedish pages that operates in another country. Mr. Green, Betsson and Nordic Bet are some examples. If the Swedish online casino you choose, has a valid license, you do not have to worry about your winnings would be illegal. In addition, you do not underestimate the benefits of the EU, however, 30 per cent profit tax is payable if you choose to play outside EU borders.

Can we expect a fair game?

Since there are a plethora of different online casinos, the competition to win customers is large. Casino operators are aware that unhappy customers will change the casino as another one is just a click away. The businesses would therefore offer the best possible service and quality for both – their customers – and for their own future.

Web-based casinos usually have a larger dividend than physical casinos in terms of profits. This is just on a higher number of customers since online casinos are so easily accessible, have affordable prices and a result of the high competition. In short, the gaming business makes more money in a fair game than to cheat their customers.

Is it difficult to win in online casino?

Playing for money is always a risk. It is a given in all situations, not least when it comes to casino games. You will win and you will lose. Probably it will be more difficult in the beginning before you understand the game fully. You will earn the game, get more experience and sustainable tactics, your chances of winning will improve significantly.

The chance to win big money may not be the biggest but you never know – suddenly, it happens! Please note note, especially in the beginning, it is better to bet small and safe than large and risky. You may end up with less money than you started with.

How does the money management look like

There are many different options when it comes to putting money into an online casino. You can use the so-called one-off cards, such as paysafe card, or choose to pay with your regular bank or credit card. This in fact is fast, easy, and free of charge.

Would you rather take out the money that you won on the page, it may vary a little between different online casinos (it is always good to throw an eye on conditions). Some casino companies like Mr Green will let you transfer your money directly to your account, but mostly e-wallets are common. Making use of an e-wallet can often be easier and cheaper, and it takes about three days before the money is transferred to your bank account.


Usually there is a limit to how much you can withdraw at the same time, but it can of course vary. There may also be a small charge for the actual transfer, so if you want to use an e-wallet, you should once again be careful with the casino conditions.