Every time NetEnt launches a new slot game, it’s a bit like Christmas Eve. Almost every, games that they deliver become an instant classic. This time it’s Divine Fortune at the stake. Divine Fortune is a progressive jackpot game where you will encounter various characters and symbols that come from the Greek mythology. With the help of medusors, Nemei lions, Cretan bulls and eagles, you will be able to achieve the true big winnings. With the help of a pegas, a flying white horse, you will make sure that you get the correct symbols, as the pegasas trigger the wild function. Fill the screen with gold coins under a jackpot round!

Divine Fortune – Progressive jackpot game from NetEnt

It is time for us to go back to an ancient Greece where with various characters and symbols from that period, we spin the reels into the big winnings that we always dream about. If you are really lucky you can comb the progressive jackpot that is constantly increasing as more players play it on every day on different casino sites. Below we review some of the game features and also the symbols that will notice during the game.

divine fortune slot

Slot Features

Something that you now know, is that NetEnt always delivers high quality games and interesting game features. Therefore, we always admire how the team behind NetEnt does its utmost to get something new and innovative in a world where everything has already been tested. In Divine Fortune, you will encounter four main features during the gameplay to help you achieve the big winnings. Below we review how all of the game functions actually work.

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Wild symbols

The wild symbol of Divine Fortune fulfills several features. Let’s start with how the symbol itself acts on the playing field. If you get a wild symbol on, for example, the first row of your first round, the symbol drops one step in the second and third rounds to disappear in the fourth round from the game field. Should you have some extra luck and get a wild symbol on your static wild symbol, then the wild symbol expands and covers an entire vertical line. During free spins rounds, the wild symbol always expands to cover a full vertical line.


During the game you will win so-called falling wild symbols, as described in the above example. If you get a wild symbol on the top line, then it will trigger two rounds to so-called re-spins. Re-spins start automatically when triggered and are not tied to their own bet. Thus, you do not add any further bet when these rounds are triggered.

Free Spins

When you see the symbol on the right, you know it’s time for great excitement. Get 3 or more in the game field and you trigger free spin rounds, depending on the number of symbols you received. During free spins rounds, the wild symbol is always expanding, but on the other hand, you can not trigger more free spins when you are in the free spins mode. On the other hand, you can trigger free spins rounds during re-spinning rounds, which may be good to know.

Jackpot bonus

If you thought the previous symbol was exciting then this will be hair-raising. The coin is your only hope to comb home the progressive jackpot, whose current pot you can always see in the middle top of the game while playing. It works like having a small urna on the right side of the game during the game. Get 3 gold coins to activate a certain number of jackpot rounds. Depending on how many gold coins you have, you will have these on the playing field ready for your first round of jackpot play.

The goal of the jackpot rounds is to fill the playing field with these gold coins. If you do this, you have got a home-made jackpot. We understand that this is easier said than done, but it does not make it too difficult to achieve? If you only fill two lines, you have got the medium jackpot. If you only fill one line, you have at least the little jackpot. When you play a jackpot round, you have the opportunity to trigger additional jackpot rounds.