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There was a time, when the bricks and mortar casinos were the only locations where you could gamble for real money. Millions of people have enjoyed gambling in those casinos and then came the online casinos. The online live casinos have completely changed the way people used to gamble. Now nobody regrets for not being capable of visiting Las Vegas, Macau, and Reno. Every individual can play live casino games online for real money, if he/she has the internet connectivity.

Millions of people have joined the online casinos and played their favorite casino games. Now online gambling is again taking an amazing turn. The live streaming casinos are new for many people and therefore, we have decided to provide all those details, which you want to know about the live casinos.

Live dealer casino

live casino onlineThe live casinos are completely different from those Random Number Generator (RNG) casinos and these casinos lie somewhere between the RNG and bricks and mortar casinos. You can call online live casino UK a great combination of the terrestrial and the recent RNG casinos. Things that make live casinos much better than normal online casinos are the real dealers, wheel, dice, and cards. Everything takes place in real time and it seems like you are sitting in a real gambling hall against the real dealer and playing your favorite game.

The dealers serve players through live streaming of videos and the players get all the necessary options to make bets, cancel the bets, and perform other actions. The real humans (men and women) operate as croupiers in front of cameras to deal the game in front of the camera. You get the live streaming of all his/her actions and thus you get a fair opportunity to win the game. That’s how it works and that’s why live dealer casinos or online live casinos are great.

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Live streams from casinos

The live dealers casino games seem more appealing than ordinary online casino games. At least, there will be someone whom you can talk and deal with. Now one question troubles many gamblers that how do the live casinos manage to stream and how do the dealers work. Do not get puzzled about it because everything is explained here. The live online casinos, such as 888 live casino serve players from different locations. Their primary purpose is making people feel like they are in a real casino and every action will be fair and in front of their eyes. So, this is how the casinos deal through real croupiers and serve you.

From where online live casinos stream their live games?

  • Casinos that stream from dealer studios.

    Most of the live dealer casinos have started streaming live through a purpose built dealer studio. All the games are streamed live from that studio. The benefit of gambling in such studios is that you can easily change the dealer environment like camera view, lighting, orientation, zoom, etc. You can easily communicate with the “real dealers” and customize some settings according to your demands.

  • Casinos that stream from actual casinos.

    When it comes to providing more realistic and thrilling gambling experience, what else can match the levels with actual casinos? Of course, nothing and that’s why many live online casinos are streamed directly from the terrestrial or bricks and mortar casinos. Do not get amazed if you hear the sound of other dealers and players in the background because they are actually gambling there. It feels really amazing and you can say you have brought a luxurious casino to your desktop. The table would be same and the way of dealing games would be same. A croupier will sit in front of you and serve you throughout the gaming process.

  • The TV broadcasted casino games.

    It is something new and really amazing. Now some casinos are also broadcasting the games through the cable TV channels. Many players are participating in these games, playing live through the TV and winning some impressive prizes. You can find many of such casinos to play real roulette, blackjack, bingo, and many other games.

Games offered in live format

The live casino gaming is still evolving and the casinos are trying to find the ways of serving the customers in a much improved way. The live casinos are now offering a good variety of games like live roulette, live poker, live Texas Holdem, live blackjack, live baccarat, live Sic Bo, live three card poker, live Hi Lo, live Caribbean stud poker, etc. All the listed games are provided by the live dealer casinos in the UK. The Asian live dealer casinos add some more games, but those games are yet not authorized in the UK.live dealer casino

The random number generator casinos offer over 400 casino games and the live game range is not that large till the date. The live casinos are not offering as many options in the games as RNG casinos because the live casinos are still in the initial phase. You can also say that live gaming is still in the developing phase and therefore still a lot more is to come. You can soon see a big boom in the live casino games as the number of players will increase in these casinos. The player like the concept of live gaming and therefore many renowned casino game developers are trying to develop many other games for the players.

Live casino in 2018

You may have probably liked the concept of live casino and now you are willing to join a live casino, but which one you should join now? It is a very important question and if someone claims to provide the right answer for this question, is certainly lying to you. Many reviewers claim that these are the best Live Casino Sites regardless of knowing anything about live casino and live gaming. It is similar to claiming “a soccer club is the best in the world because it is my favorite”. Things don’t work in that way and it totally depends on your choices, that which casino is the best for you and which is not.

The number of live dealer casinos is growing quite rapidly. Of course, it is happening because now the players are leaving RNG gaming and moving for some real thrill. The live casinos in the UK offer a bulk of features to lure the gamblers. Thus, it becomes a bit easier to choose an appropriate live gambling destination. Finding the best would be a bit simpler for you, if you consider a few important things.

Choose best live casino site

  • Can I chat with the dealer and other players while the game is on?

    The live casino gaming is all about providing the users with the casino style atmosphere. The players often talk with the dealers in the real casinos and that’s what you may like to do while playing online. So, make sure that your chosen live dealer casino permits you to chat with the dealer and other players. It will improve the fun, thrill, and excitement while the game is on.

  • Can I play fast or slow, if I want?

    What if you will have to play online casino live games best UK at a certain pace? Would you prefer to join that casino or look for another casino that can permit you to play according to your demands? Of course, you would choose a casino that gives you enough time to think and bet online. Some players prefer a fast paced game and some like to take some time while gambling online. The casino must assure you that you can play the way you want, at-least at a good pace.

  • Are the bet limits low or high?

    What can be worse than gambling in a casino that does not offer an appropriate bet limit? Obviously nothing and therefore you should carefully check that what the high and low bet limits are and then join the casino.

  • Do you want a dealer studio or a real casino?

    The best live casinos operate through the studios and casinos. Now it is up to you that what place you like the most. First of all you should try both types’ casinos and then choose one. The dealer studio casinos seem calm and entertaining while the real casino live streaming brings the extra thrill and excitement in the game.

  • Does the casino provide your favorite games?

    You can compromise with other things, but never forget to check the type of games available in the casino. Suppose you play blackjack very well and the live casino does not provide live blackjack, what will you do after joining it? You may either learn to play another available game or leave the casino. It is better to check the games before joining the casino so that you can gamble at a perfect destination without wasting your time and money.

live casino woman croupiers

Information for Beginners

live casino bonusesIt is possible that you have no knowledge about how the live casinos work or simply how an online casino works. There is nothing wrong in trying it as a beginner. All the details we have listed in this article will help you in learning many important things about live gambling and online gambling. Probably you may have got the answers to your common questions regarding the best live dealer casinos and how do these casino operate online. Probably, now you also know the reason “why live dealer casinos are better than traditional online casinos”. So, you must join a live dealer casino now and play the games.

The information about all the games served by the live dealer casinos UK is mentioned in this post. You can check that information and then choose a casino that offers all the mentioned games. You can find the beginners online gambling guide to know how to place the bets, how to make live casino gambling more interesting, and how to apply the strategies to win the game. If you still have any confusion regarding how to choose a live dealer casino or live casino games, you should search for the live casino guide and read it to learn more about online live gambling.


Different live casinos provide the users with different screen interfaces. However, all the live casinos follow a typical design to entertain the users. The live streamed video would cover the largest portion of the screen, it can be at the top or middle of the screen. The betting instructions and other details will cover the live streamed video. There would be bet placing options, history option, rules, and some other necessary links to the hidden details, which you may like to click or tap during the game.

The best live roulette casino would always permit you to enlarge the screen or detach the screen. The modern live casinos are allowing the users to chat with the live dealers. Chatting and other forms of communication make gambling more interesting and entertaining, especially when you can communicate with other players.

Benefits at Live Dealer Casino

live rouletteUndoubtedly, the live dealer casinos are the best online casinos. A live casino offers many benefits that prove it better than a simple RNG concept based online casino. You don’t need to move out of your house or office, but you can still watch croupier online who would be beautiful and entertaining. The live online casinos are the next big thing after the online casinos. Some obvious benefits of live dealer casinos are listed here:

  • It brings the real casino to your screen and thus you become a well-experienced gambler.
  • A real human (croupier) deals with you and you can choose your croupier in most of the live casinos.
  • Of course, online gambling is safer now, but people find the live dealer casinos more reliable. They see how a real dealer deals the cards and entertain them to ensure the players that everything is fair.

These benefits make live dealer casinos the best. Soon you will see that the largest number of players is gambling on the live dealer casinos. NoDepositCasinoUK.com team wishes you all the best on your way to the high winnings with real dealers!