Majority of users picks new bingo sites when it comes to choosing one of the most popular casino games in the UK. Online bingo bonus websites are the first choice of many people due to its simplicity and many opportunities of winning a big prize. Our aim is to deliver to you trustworthy, best bingo sites in 2018. This article will help you in finding the top websites to play bingo online for free with generous best bonuses. Continue reading to reveal some amazing facts about online bingo in the UK.

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Discover New Bingo Sites 2018

new bingo sites

The online casinos in the UK offer a wide range of games, including bingo. This game is not one of the recently invented or introduced games to the gambling community. It has been around for a long time and it has gained a huge popularity due to the ease of playing and better winning opportunities.

Millions of people are staking their money in the bingo game across the globe. The stats show that almost 4 million Britons choose bingo as the best casino game. Now it is available online, so more UK players will try their luck in this game on different devices like desktop, tabs, and mobile bingo on smartphones.

Many people are not always sure of the brand new bingo sites. Why is that? They don not know if they are good enough, reliable or whether they can be trusted. is here to help you find out everything that you should know about online bingo websites. Consider this page as the best source of information about best bingo sites to win on.

Are you still wondering which bingo site pays out the most? Or what would be the right bingo portal which use PayPal, Boku or Paysafe? Based on this guide, you will be able to make your own decision whether to play at a new casino site or not.

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Short history of bingo

The historians have different views on the origin of bingo. Most of the experts believe that bingo is an improved version of the Italian game “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”. It dates back to the 16th century, but it was first introduced to the Britons during the early 20th century. Those, who claim that bingo is a British origin game, are wrong. However, it does not matter that whoever had discovered this amazing game because now millions of people are playing it in the UK. This game has much improved and now people are looking for the best bingo sites to win money.

Yes, you can say that the online variants of the bingo game have made it more popular among the gamblers. Playing this game is pretty simple, whether you are playing online or offline in a bingo hall. You receive many bingo tickets that contain many different numbers. A bingo machine draws random bingo balls, marked with numbers. You need to mark the number on your cards as every new ball is drawn. It is all about completing the card and claiming the win. You should keep sharp eyes on the drawn balls and the numbers on your cards. Try to complete the card as soon as possible so that you can claim the win.

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We list only trustworthy UK Bingo Sites

Of course, the atmosphere remains quite exciting and pleasant in the bingo halls. You can feel the same thrill and excitement on the best bingo sites UK, if you follow the progress of other players. One important thing you should know clearly about the online bingo games is the prize money depends on the number of players are competing. You can also find the bingo sites that offer a fixed winning prize and thus you don’t depend on the number players. Redeem bonus codes, such as Wink Slots Promo Code and get extra money to start. Say hi to the most reliable and trustworthy bingo portal in United Kingdom where you will feel exactly like during the game with your friends!

How to select bingo website to win on?

Bingo has now become a popular game and millions of Britons are looking for new sites to play this game without facing any trouble. Choosing the best bingo sites to win on is not an easy task. It can be easier if you take a few points in consideration.

Does the online bingo site offer the base currency for gambling?

It is the most important thing you should check before joining any online bingo gambling site. It should deal with you in Pound Sterling. If not, then you will have to exchange the money and thus you will pay a part of your win as tax. Many great sites offer gambling in the base currency. Choose those sites to avoid the unnecessary loss of the money.

What laws employ on the players while playing bingo?

Many users do not worry about it, but they should. The laws of playing bingo and other casino games are strict in many countries. You must be an adult to stake real money in the casino games. The Gambling Commission in the UK regulates both offline and online gambling. You should pay attention to all the laws so that you can avoid further bingo sites

Are you dealing with a certified bingo site?

What if you win and the casino or bingo site will run away with your money? Such risks are always associated with the online gambling sites and these risks worry most of the players. The simplest way of avoiding this risk is gambling at a licensed and certified platform. Most of the best bingo websites and new slot sites show their certification and legality. You must check it before joining the site and playing the bingo game.

What types of bingo games are available?

Are you one of those players, who join the online casinos without considering the types of games available there? You must improve this habit, even if you have won a big amount. The most famous types of bingo games provided by the best bingo sites are the 30ball, 75 ball, 80 ball, and 90 ball bingo. If a site is offering all the famous variants of bingo games, it is a great platform to gamble online.

What are the money deposit and withdrawal options?

The bingo best sites offer several different payment and withdrawal options. Hunt for some more options if your chosen bingo site offers a few limited options. It would be great if you find a site that transfers the withdrawal amount directly into your online bank account. Thus, you will not wait too long and get the winning prize quickly in your bank account.

Does the site offer mobile games?

The smartphones have made web access pretty simple for the billions of users across the globe. Many people want to be capable of gambling online, whenever they are free. It is possible only if the online casinos offer a smartphone app variant for the users. It is not mandatory, but you should look for the online bingo gambling sites which are also available as smartphone apps. Thus, you will be able to enjoy bingo games anytime and anywhere through your Smartphone or tab.

What about the customer support?

A certified online bingo site that offers a good customer support network, is certainly a reliable and enjoyable gambling platform. Your chosen gambling site should offer multiple ways of getting in touch. Make sure that the bingo site offers live chat, email, and telephone options so that you can contact the service providers anytime. We have listed the best bingo sites that offer excellent customer support. They remain in touch with you to prevent you from all sorts’ troubles. Whether you are facing any issue regarding the gameplay or withdrawal, the listed bingo sites provide the best support on any problematic occasion.

Bingo Deposit & No Deposit Bonuses

bingo diceOnce, bingo was new to the online gambling community and now there is a boom in the online bingo sites. Hundreds of bingo sites are providing online gambling opportunities. These sites try different strategies to lure the online players. They offer some great bonus offers to impress the players. It is good for all the common players because the bonuses reduce the loss of money and increase the winning opportunities.

Many bingo sites provide the first deposit bonus so that you can stake more money in the bingo games than you have actually deposited. There are some sites that double the deposited amount and there are also some sites that offer five times more than the actual amount you have deposited. So, you should always hunt for such sites to play online bingo.

If you are planning to find the best deposit bonus bingo sites, receive the bonus, and then run away, then don’t think so. The online bingo sites provide bonus offers and they make sure that you won’t run away before wagering the bonus amount. How many times you should wager, it depends on the policy of that particular site. Most of the bingo sites ask the users to wager at least 5 times before making the withdrawal. The immense bonus offers seem luring, but you must check the bonus rules before joining any online bingo gambling site. These rules can save you from joining a site that has very strict and inappropriate rules.

Different types of bingo games

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are four different types of the bingo game. The 30 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball, and 90 ball bingo games are famous across the UK. The 75, 80, and 90 ball bingo games are the most widely played. Let’s explore some more essential details about these games to know which type’s bingo game is the best for you.

The 30 ball bingo:

It is the newest type of bingo game and many people like it. The best bingo sites 2018 provide the 30 ball bingo game in which you get cards with 3×3 grid. Some people also call it the speed bingo because only 9 numbers are revealed during the gameplay. It works much faster than other variants and therefore people win the money much phone bingo sites

The 75 ball bingo:

The 75 ball bingo is not a new type. It is traditionally played in the USA and Canada. The bingo cards include 5×5 number grid and the space in the middle remains free. The main purpose of such number setting is forming a particular pattern by crossing off the numbers. The number patterns can be simple or complex, depending on the number drawn by the bingo machine.

The 80 ball bingo:

No, it is not one of those traditional bingo types. It is also a recently added version of bingo, but most of the players are familiar with this version. The professional gamblers call it an easy version between the 75 ball and 90 ball bingo. There would be 4 columns and 4 rows of number on each bingo card. The rules of this game are similar to the 75 ball bingo. You need to find a pattern and then you can claim the win. It is a type that all the online bingo sites do not offer. So, you must search for it before joining the site, if you like the 80 ball bingo.

The 90 ball bingo:

If you want to know which the oldest type of bingo is, then it is the 90 ball bingo. People from different European countries have been playing this game for many centuries. Now it is available as an online bingo, which includes 15 numbers on every card. There would be five on every row. The players can try for one line, two lines, and full house to win the best prize.

Hence there are four different bingo games, the beginners may confuse about which one is the best. The simplest way of finding the best variant is learning the bingo strategies. You should go online, search for the bingo gameplay strategies, and learn more about each game. Thus, you will recognize the best game you can play to win more. It will take some time, but thus you will become an expert gambler.

Bingo on Mobile Phone

Search for the best bingo sites for iPad or iPhone bingo if you are using an iOS device. Look for the bingo sites for Android if you are using an devices with Goggle’s system. All the modern bingo sites are now trying to provide the users with smartphone apps.

Some sites are also offering the mobile Bingo Bonuses UK to encourage users for downloading their apps. Playing on laptop or PC would be easier, because you will play the game on a large screen. The mobile bingo apps are also great, as software allows you to play bingo anytime and anywhere. Ultimately, it depends on you that where do you want to play.