At No Deposit Casino UK together with our online casino partners we believe that everyone should play responsibly. Online casino should be enjoyable and bringing fun experience with no problems. We truly understand that there might be always a risk when it comes to gambling for real money and therefore we I obliged to inform our players of risks which online slots playing involves. This should be responsibility of every gaming related website.

Think you might be gambling too much?

All websites of the online casinos we are listing and working with offer special options on their systems where you can set particular limits for deposits and also the amount of money staked per day, per week or even per month. You can always exclude yourself for couple of weeks if you feel that you need a break from gambling. If you feel that you are need a professional help, as you can not control your playing time, first of all contact the online gambling sites customer support to get help and set gaming limits on your account.

All games shown on and all of our listed casino sites are strictly allowed to play only for people over 18 years. In UK it is forbidden by law to open an account or to play for real money online before the day you are 18 years old.

Where to get help?

Please find below information about institutions where you can go if you or anyone from your family or friends has a gambling addiction problem.

GambleAware – this is a national gambling helpline, plenty of useful information about gambling addiction published on their website.
Telephone: 0808 8020 133

GamCare – you will find an online chat and forums, also they offer phone support for people with gambling problems.

Control yourself and play responsibly

Every spin at online casino should be a pleasant experience. However, from our players feedback we know that online gambling can be also at some point very stressful if you do not prepare yourself accordingly to play responsibly. What exactly is means we say play responsibly? How we can start playing responsibly?

When it comes to gambling issues it is always good to remember that it will show on the outside. Battle has always a place inside an addicted person. Drugs or alcohol leave their marks, which is way easier to notice. Addicted gambler can hide problem for a long time and no one will suspect that something is going wrong.

Going back deeply in the history, in the Middle Ages, countries had to deal with their knights who were gambling for money. At that point it was irresponsible for them to neglect their duties, and there in fear of the consequences. Nowadays, there is no person which could protect or discipline you from unreasonable playtime and neglect your life. Now you understand why playing responsibly is essential and is even more important now, than it was before, due to easy Internet access, which allows you to play anywhere at any time.

4 things which responsible gamer should do

1. Set your money limit. Do not spend more than you can afford. You should be able to provide the necessities and lifestyle you and your and your closest. If you are not sure what to do, on beginning of your adventure play with small stakes, which will prevent from unnecessary stress.

2. Set your time limit. It is not only about money you decide to deposit to an online casino. Very important is also to set a limit on the amount of time you spend playing. Regardless of whether you are winning or loosing, ensure you are up to date with other priorities and interests.

3. Psycho-physiological limits. We are sure that your body does not lie. When it tells you to stop playing, you should trust the signals. Plenty of addicted gamblers or players developing addictions just simply ignore their body’s warns.

4. If you think that you or someone you know suffers from a gambling addiction, always contact with professional help, numbers phone numbers and website addresses are provided above.

Remember, playing online casino should be only a form of entertainment in your free time. Winnings should not be considered as your source of income. Just set the right limits and watch your body for the potential warning signals, thus you can play responsibly and enjoy the gambling experience.