NetEnt released a new game which is called Secrets of Atlantis ™. Atlantis is a fictional island whose history stretches as far back as ancient Greece, where people have heard about mentioned Atlantis for the first time. This mythical place was mentioned in two of Plato’s dialogues, namely Timaios, named after the philosopher Timaios and Critias, named after the poet, as well as the politician and aristocrat Critias.

secrets of atlantis slot machine

Atlantis history

According to Platon, Atlantis must have been a high-colonial superpower city located on an island called Basileia. At one stage, Atlantis, according to history, has got completely unprovoked attack from large eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and when they approached Greece, they had annoyed Poseidon to the extent, that earthquake dropped the whole of Atlantis.

Wherever Atlantis actually is located has since then been a controversial and hot topic, where scientists from different parts of the world claimed that they have found a link to where Atlantis may have been.

A theory from Spain says that Atlantis is located just outside Gibraltar’s Sund, given that it seems to have found a sunken island there. Another suggestion from Ireland is that Ireland itself is the Atlantis. According to a geo-archaeologist studying at Cambridge and Oxford, it points out that the story of Atlantis is really about the Trojan war and not something that has existed in reality

Plato’s history behind Atlantis has attracted the NetEnt developers to create Secrets of Atlantis ™ slot. Now it’s time to go out on an exploration where we literally take water over our heads and slowly descend into the long-lost continent of Atlantis.

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About Secrets of Atlantis™

The game field invites you to 40 paylines over 5 reels and 4 rows where several exciting game functions are on the menu. Another game feature that we greatly appreciated is the colossal re-spin feature that makes the three middle wheels become a huge symbol of 3 × 4 symbols and significantly increases the chances of having a big win. The last but definitely not the least, important slot function for this amazing game is that you can get winnings from both – left and right side.

Game Features

Nudge Wilds

Nudge Wilds is a feature where, if you get the mermaid, which is the symbol of “Nudge Wilds”, you get wilds on the entire vertical line.

Colossal symbol

During the game, you will see that the second, third and fourth wheels randomly light up with a white background. If you get this on all the wheels, it triggers a game round where the three middle wheels turn into colossal game symbols that are 3 × 4 symbol slots and significantly increases your chances of winning big.

Two-way Wins

The last but definitely not the least – unique game feature that makes this game a direct classic is that you can win on left and right side.



Mermaid is the wild symbol of the game and has a very unique feature that we have learned to love. If you enter parts of the mermaid, which maximally covers all 4 rows, the above-mentioned nudge function will be activated and you will get a wild on the entire vertical line.


Molluscs have the absolute highest profit distribution of all symbols. Five clams give you a fantastic win of 400 coins. If you get 4 symbols then you get 50 and three symbols give you 30 coins.


There are 3 different jewels that you can win and there is the crab gem (red), the turtle gem (green) and the jelly gem (blue). Five crab jewels give 70 coins. Four give 16 and three give 7. Five turtle jewels give 60, four give 14 and three give 6. Five manet jewels give 50 coins, four give 21 and three give 5 coins.


There are 3 animal symbols – the crab, the turtle and the manet. All symbols give 15 coins at five. At four symbols 6 and with three symbols you get the same amount, thus 3 coins.

Secrets of Atlantis slot bets

The slot features medium to low volatility. You can win an exciting £400,000 at this non-progressive jackpot. Play Secrets of Atlantis with a minimum bet of £0.20 and a maximum of £200. Return to player percentage of 97.1% is relatively high and the theme and a story behind makes it all even more interesting.