No wagering requirements – new trend for online casino sites in 2017

Wagering is where the catch comes with majority of new no deposit casinos UK. It means that you have to play for the bonus a certain number of times before you convert it to real money, that you can actually withdraw. As an example, consider a bonus of £100 which we can say has 25 spin requirement. This means that you need to play the bonus 25 times. In this case, £100 has to be turned into £2500 before you can withdraw the money. What you win or lose over the time does not matter, but it is the actual spins number that counts.

It is not impossible to win big money with no deposit bonuses and wagering requirements attached to the casino bonus. Not every slot site requires 25 spins, at the online casino world sometimes it is less and sometimes it is more. Wouldn’t  be that a bit more epic if there would be no turnover requirements?

new no deposit casino no wager

Success of the casino with no wagering requirements

For many years wagering has been seen as a necessary evil that must be present when casino distribute bonuses, however now it is beginning to change. Many players think of course that wagering is not necessary and with the new casinos on market who recently premiered by abolishing sales requirements and high bonuses, many found a new place to play.

The beauty of those new casinos UK is that they offer you bonuses WITHOUT wagering requirements! This was of course noticed by all players and those casino, like PlayOJO started growing extremely fast. You can get your bonus as usual in other casinos, but when you spin and win, you can withdraw the money immediately! PlayOJO is very popular in the UK and have chances to become on of the best new online casinos in 2017 .


Other bonus offers

Another casino that abolished the wagering requirements is called 7Red. They also was first company with this incredible phenomenon of increased popularity. Online casino which incidentally allows you to double your first deposit. 7Red provides a quick shortcut to the entertainment in Las Vegas and you will find there a wide range of games with many beautiful titles.

Happy Hugo was launched in 2016 and is also one of the first casino on market that skips the wagering requirement of their bonuses. Happy Hugo is a very fun casino that is for all kinds of players. You do not play at a certain level or for a specific amount in order to benefit from the unbeatable bonuses.

Where to look for free online casino bonuses?

In past months we have seen many new and mobile casinos UK that have released the wagering requirements for their free spins, real spins and cash spins. For example, free spins with no wager at Slots Magic had immediately became very popular among players and gave good marketing results to many online casinos in the United Kingdom. Perhaps, we will see this trend again in newly launched casinos during the year and not only for the free spins? Undoubtedly, casinos have started with this promotion in a short time and a massive interest from players has been registered.

As usual, at No Deposit Casino UK we are reviewing and ensuring that quality of all new casinos is the best for players. We wish to continue serving you and still compare the latest bonuses and wagering requirements, or rather just the latest bonuses. It’s great thing to see that there are still so many creative ways to get bonuses and the possibility of new chances to win in the casino increases. Free bonuses no wagering requirement are incredibly exciting, and something we are hoping to see much more of in the future!