Time for a new slot machine from NetEnt! It’s Warlords – Crystals of Power™ on the move. In this world there are only three warlords left completely rage freely. These will generate different types of free spins and different forms of winnings. Enter different scatter symbols to trigger a battle between the warlords. Choose who you think will be the strongest and will have greatest chance of winning. So which warlord do you choose? The barbarian, the clergyman or the samurai?

warlords crystals of power slot machine

In Warlords: Crystals of Power you will encounter a 5-reel, 3-line and 30 paylines. The minimum bet is £0.15 and the maximum bet is £150 to fit most players’ game strategy and style. During the game there are 3 characters symbolizing the three warlords of differnt kind. The 3 characters are the barbarian, the prince and the samurai. All 3 have their own free spins, scatters and wilds, and generate different functions depending on what marks you will get on the symbol.

If you get into one of each scatter, it triggers a battle between the three warlords that can generate really nice profits. With its stunning medieval inspired 3D graphics and amazing animations, high-quality gameplay – this slot offers many hours of entertainment. As usual, when it comes to NetEnt, you get the same game feel regardless of device that you are playing at. Therefore, you can freely choose between the tablet, computer and the mobile phone. This slot machine has a winning payment (RTP) up to 96.89%.

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Special Features at Warlords Crystals of Power

Game features that NetEnt launches has always a click of innovation and a lot of creativity behind them. For each game, new attempts are being made to help the player reach the big winnings, giving a huge amount of excitement.

Random wild

There are three types of random wilds in Warlords, as all three functions are completely different, depending on the type you will get. Every round in the game has the chance to give you a random wild. When the random wild function is activated, selected symbols will eventually be replaced by Hammer-wilds (Barbarian), Pil-Wilds (Prince) or Samurai Wilds (Samurai).


When you enter hammer-wilds, there are 4 symbols in the form of a square in which the wild symbols are activated. This wild can get in on the first, second, third and fourth wheels.


If you get in arrow-wilds instead of 2-5 wild symbols, you can sprout on all the wheels.


If you get in samurai wilds you will see an animation of a samurai that carries the symbols that immediately become wild symbols. You can get between 2-5 samurai wilds and these will get into the first, second, third or fourth wheel.

Scatter symbols

Even when it comes to scatter symbols, there are three different ones. There is a blue scatter that is the barbarian color. Then there is also a green that is the symbol of the prince and also the red scatter that is Samurai. These three symbols start different forms of free spins that we will later come. What’s interesting is what happens when you get in scatter symbols in various colors. If you only enter two scatter symbols, activate the re-spin feature. Scatter symbols can only be obtained on the second, third and fourth wheels. During a re-spin round, you can also get scatter symbols on the first and fifth wheel.


The combat feature is activated as we mentioned earlier when you get scatter symbols in different colors. For example, if you get 2 random scatter symbols, one of these will be highlighted and then turned into the same color as the other scatter symbol. When there are 2 symbols it is about 50/50 which warrior wins the battle. If you get 2 of one color and 1 of the other one, then a battle will happen, then there is a 75% chance that the dominant symbol will win. If you get one of each color it’s once again the same chance that all three wins, giving each color a 33.33% chance of winning.


When the battle is over, you will have either 2 or 3 scatter symbols in the same color that generates in a re-spin round. During a re-spin round, all symbols besides the scatter symbols will be darkened, which means they are locked. When the re-spin round starts, it’s only the scatter symbols that change. Additional scatter symbols can be generated if a new scatter color enters the image during a re-spin round.

Last chance

If you have received a re-spin round that does not generate additional scatter symbols, the function will activate the last chance. This means that you get a random function enabled, where you can win anywhere between 3-100x your bet. You can also trigger scatter symbols when this feature is activated. If you enter a scatter symbol in this way you activate free spin rounds depending on the color of the new scatter symbol.

Free Spins

As with anything else in this game, you can get 3 different types of free spins. Barbarspins work like all symbols on the playing field are either a warlord or an animal. Princespins give you the opportunity to get additional scatter symbols, which also increases the multiplier during your free spins rounds by 1x for each scatter symbol you get. If you get into Samuraispins instead, this feature locks your scatter symbols, which will act as a wild symbol during the remaining free spins rounds.